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Addendum to Evolution : Origins of the World : Origins of the World

By: BS Murthy

This is a speculative theory about the origins of the world and the evolution of humans and other species as well as vegetation on earth.

Creation vs. Evolution ‘One might approach this postulation as an addendum to evolution for it comes in the wake of the great works of the past. It would seem logical that any proposition about evolution cannot bypass the idea of creation, buttressed with a religious belief by those closer to the beginnings of life. Just the same, though all religions propagate the word that God created the world, nevertheless their scriptures differ about the way he went about it. Give...

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Parallel Love

By: Ravi Ranjan Goswami

This is a unique love story. A story of one-sided love, which happens to the heroine of this story, at first sight

Strangely, Geeta had seen Rajesh for the first time and talked only a few words she could not forget him. Since that meeting at Jhansi, she had been always having thoughts about him. One day she was sitting in her room alone and reading a book she suddenly started missing Rajesh. She wondered if she had fallen in love with Rajesh. The thought about love frightened her. She remembered the angry face of her father Sher Singh. She decided she would not think much about Rajesh

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Learning Hebrew From Genesis: Dalet Edition

By: Benjamin Lee Cooper

This is a full grammar teaching of "Biblical" Hebrew from a fluent author in a very unique style. The vocabulary words are specifically selected based on the common words in Genesis chapters 1-4, and the words that are used in the Bible more than 500 times, along with all of the prepositions and other necessary grammar words. I do not believe in asking a student to memorize a word that is used less than 20 times in the Bible, just because it is in Genesis. I do not belie...

1.2 Should I learn Modern or Biblical? The first thing you must decide is if it would be “Modern Hebrew” or “Biblical Hebrew” that you want to learn. Modern Hebrew is not the original Hebrew of creation, its not the original Hebrew of the Garden of Eiden, and its not the original Hebrew that Noach, Avraham, and Yaaqov spoke. There are some added and removed grammar aspects, and many added words that are not in the Biblical Hebrew. If you are going to be spending a lot ...

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Trust Me You Can Be Happy Always. : Discover the Emotional Genius ...

By: Wakabi Kevin Abel; Noella Pauline, Co-Author

Happiness has been served on your plate today...will you eat it? Or will you say, "Nah, I'll pass!" Why go on with an empty stomach of emotional strife when you can be happy...Always?

The 11th law of disappointments is to please EVERYONE all the time. Nice people say NO!

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Science History of the Universe

By: Francis Rolt Wheeler

In the present volume there have been covered in a comprehensive and popular manner the various departments of Astronomy. Owing to its treatment in a definitely historical and descriptive manner, however, it may be possible to supplement the general review by a few brief statements of some of the results and problems that confront us in the actual work of the observational astronomy of to-day.

The astronomical beliefs of prehistoric man were doubt similar to those entertained by the Eskimo of the Arctic regions and the untutored tribes of Argentine' Republic, South Africa and Australia, tribes who, living only for the day, concern themselves but little with to- morrow and yesterday and care nothing about the universe...

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