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Wally Amos is the genuine, ebullient and gregarious father of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie. 

Additionally, he is an advocate for reading who believes that the recipe for ending illiteracy in America is to read to your child daily.

He is a motivational speaker who travels the world, and he is the author of ten inspiring books with love as the common ingredient, and a tireless advocate of conducting life with an affirmative attitude.

“When I was 12, I moved from Florida to New York City to live with my aunt, Della Bryant. We certainly had no monetary wealth, but Aunt Della’s home was always rich in the principles and qualities vital to a child’s upbringing. And it was filled with the aroma of her delicious chocolate chip cookies. It’s true that her basic recipe for cookies became the foundation for much of my success. But it was her recipes for life that sustain me to this day.”

Wally’s baking hobby led him to open the world’s first cookie store in Los Angeles in 1975. Today, decades later, he’s still in business at Chip & Cookie®, the only company baking from pure, unadulterated Wally Amos recipes. You can order them right here for family, friends and gift giving.

Chip & Cookie®, by the way, has the ingredients for fundraising success! A program available across the country, it helps schools, church groups, scouts, athletic teams and others earn money locally. With free shipping, 50% profit, and Wally’s recipes behind them, Chip & Cookie® cookies are a proven fundraising winner!

In 2010, Chip & Cookie® introduced a unique, double-canister Wally Amos cookie jar. Based on the characters Chip and Cookie, the adorable namesake mascots of Wally’s company, the jar has been in high demand among cookie jar collectors. Wally promises it is “the first in a series.”

Beginning in 1995, Wally and some extraordinary partners shifted the focus of another of his companies to target the market for a wide variety of high-quality, homemade style muffins.  Uncle Wally’s® now has a product range from deliciously indulgent to absolutely healthful muffins.  And a big reputation for innovation.

Uncle Wally’s® products are now available in over 10,000 stores, including some of the biggest names in food service and retailing.  These merchants are quality driven, as are you.

Wally’s passion for watermelon has become well known; he wears a signature Watermelon hat, watermelon-themed aloha shirts and has all sorts of watermelon collectibles. So how did this delicious food come to be a symbol of vile racial stereotyping? The question always intrigued him. “I’ve read a lot of scholarly material on the subject,” Wally says, “and I can only conclude that when one group sets out to oppress another, they don’t spend a lot of time offering rational explanations for their acts.”

General Info:
In 1995, Wally Amos decided to challenge the stereotype. The result was his Watermelon Credo. Its purpose was to get people to see clearly that when racial stereotypes are held up to the blinding light of truth, they can be seen for what they are. Lies.

Later, he expanded the Credo poster concept to a small book that he hopes “might inspire some folks to expend their energies on love and togetherness, not loathing and separation.” Wally’s likeness is on the cover ofWatermelon Credo: The Book.

“If enough people see my wrinkled old mug with a slice of watermelon, and wearing watermelon prints on clothing, how can they continue to see this fruit as a racial stereotype for shiftless, dumb and worthless blacks? Apart from being African American, I am none of those things, and anyone who can recognize my face will know that to be true.”

Over the years, Amos has acted in a number of network sitcoms and appeared on hundreds of interview shows and news programs. He is a TV teacher/host of 50 episodes of state-of-the-art programs for adult basic learners that air on PBS stations nationally. He has acted as product spokesman for several prominent corporations, including Hush Puppies, United Airlines, and the California Egg Board.

Wally Amos is an icon and his name is a household word. As founder of Famous Amos Cookies in 1975, and father of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie industry, he has used his fame to support educational causes.

Since 1979, Wally has been National Spokesman for Literacy Volunteers of America. He is also a Board Member of the National Center for Family Literacy and Communities in Schools. His latest enterprise, Uncle Wally’s, has been critically acclaimed by the media and consumers alike for their tasty high quality muffins.

Wally is widely interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, People, Black Enterprise, Nation’s Business, Ebony, Time, Parade, and The New York Times. He appears frequently on The Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Show, CNN, GED on TV, and Learn to Read on PBS.  He speaks widely on Inspiration, Literacy, Motivation, Overcoming Adversity, and Spirituality in Business.

He is the author of four popular books including The Cookie Never Crumbles, The Power in You, Man with No Name, and Watermelon Magic. 

Recent Publications:
  • Watermelon Credo
  • Read it Loud: One-page Stories
  • Man with No Name
  • The Power in You
  • Live an Inspiring Life

    • Cover Image

    Watermelon Credo

    By: Wally Amos

    Due to the success of my Watermelon Credo Post, I created this book. Each letter in the word WATERMELON is a chapter. The W in Watermelon stands for: Whatever you believe creates your reality. And this book is a perfect example.What began as a wall poster is now a book. In his latest and happiest work yet, Wally Amos spells out in heart-warming, well-chosen words how to fill your life with inspiration and fun. Renowned as a cookie man and motivational speaker, Wally draw...

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    Read it Loud: One-page Stories

    By: Read it Loud

    One-page stories to read aloud to your child. It’s easy to make a difference in your child’s future… start with the story below! Make the Promise to read aloud to your child every day and earn a chance for a family trip to Walt Disney World!

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    • Cover Image

    Man with No Name

    By: Wally Amos

    The story of how the founder of the Famous Amos Cookie Company lost everything, including his name----and turned adversity into opportunity. This revealing book chronicles Wally's loss of the cookie empire that he had built, to the opening of The Uncle Noname Cookie Company, and his journey towards learning how to turn lemons into lemonade. Wally imparts his belief that crises can turn out to be glorious benefits if we draw on universal wisdom to handle them -- that chal...

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    • Cover Image

    The Power in You

    By: Wally Amos

    Wally Amos, who rose from relative poverty to fame and fortune as "Famous Amos" details the components for a successful personal, financial and spiritual life using his ten secret ingredients for inner strength. He discusses his struggle to overcome personal and professional problems to find genuine love and inner peace. This is an inspiring testimony to the power of life, love and inner strength.

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    • Cover Image

    Live an Inspiring Life

    By: Wally Amos

    An insightful journey into the power of a positive attitude, Amos asserts that it’s not one’s circumstances that determine happiness, but rather how those circumstances are viewed. This book emphasizes the impact of everyday choices, while stressing the importance of making a conscious decision to live a joy-filled life.

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    Be Positive

    By: Wally Amos

    Insights on How to Live an Inspiring and Joy-Filled Life

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