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Jonathan Cross specializes in political and conspiracy thrillers that are set against the backdrop of political power struggle. Thrillers often take place wholly or partly in exotic settings such as foreign cities, deserts, polar regions, or high seas. The heroes in most thrillers are frequently "hard men" accustomed to danger: law enforcement officers, spies, soldiers, seamen or aviators. However, they may also be ordinary citizens drawn into danger by accident.

General Info:
Jonathan Cross has written several suspense/mystery novels, including Soul Bearer and Vatican Conspiracy. His ability to weave plot and character is reminiscent of the great suspense writers. He brings a new and exciting style of writing that captures the readers inside the story and makes them feel part of the plot.

Recent Publications:
  • The Soul Bearer
  • The Vatican Conspiracy
  • The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

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    The Soul Bearer

    By: Jonathan Cross

    A One man's quest for truth, freedom and pure spirituality in a world without.

    Beside a riverbed, an old man sits lost in his thoughts; he is SEATTLE, Chief of the Suqamish Indians. He remembers his boyhood when his grandfather foretold him of his destiny, when he was told of the Web Of Life and his duties as it's protector. The Web of Life, they believe, is the symbiotic connection that exists between all living things on Earth; the sacred balance of life. Upon the next day's passing, Seattle signs the Port Eliot treaty relinquishing ownership...

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    The Vatican Conspiracy

    By: Jonathan Cross

    The Pope receives a vision that includes the names of four men: a U.S. Senator, a covert military intelligence agent, a priest from a small parish, and the head of the Italian mafia. These men form an alliance to eliminate the drug cartels of the world to save the children of the future against the backdrop of political power struggle.

    Pope Francis lithely entered into the small chapel next to his private quarters. The dark chapel was dimly lit by a row of flickering votive candles that cast a soothing splay of shadows across the ancient altar. The Pope knelt his thin, angular body before it; his white cassock cascaded across the red, soft cushion. He gently entwined the ebony rosary beads between his fingers, crossed himself in the supplicant tradition, and kissed the crucifix as he closed his eyes a...

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    The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

    By: Jonathan Cross

    An ex-intelligence officer, who handles elite politicians and celebrities cover up their misdeeds and embarrassing situations, now finds himself trying to unravel the mystery that could change the world and the future of the international space station.

    Weaving international intrigue with a high-level murder case, The Mystery of Jamieson Stone will leave you on the edge of your seat. When the world’s most famous television news anchor, Jamieson Stone, apparently commits suicide on live international television, Stone’s widow hires detective Michael Brand to find the truth. The detective discovers that Stone was murdered, but the reason behind his death is a mystery. Brand uncovers information pointing to Jamieson’s ...

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